Link Miller Productions is excited to deliver opportunities for our fellow writers to succeed! We work in concert with other Colorado writers organizations to connect writers to classes, conferences, and networking events – all the better to elevate everyone’s game. We take the writer’s life seriously, and work hard to see all our writer friends and colleagues to live their dreams.

The Ultimate Pitchfest is run by writers and creative writing intructors who have been a part of the Colorado writing community for over a decade. We’re here to not only help you sell your book, but to fill you in on all the other amazing organizations and opportunities to excel in your writing life.

link-headshot Jeffrey “Link” Miller

Link is a 27-year veteran (retired Lt Colonel) of the US Marines and a lifelong writer. He has served all over the US and the world, and a trained expert in everything from hand weapons, assault helicopter operations, and Air Defense & Space Tactics. He was the USMC rep for non-lethal weapons development, a professional war gamer, and he spent the last eight years on Air Force bases doing Space & Missile Defense. He even squeezed in time to be a stand-up comic. Link has written a number of novels, three movie screenplays, and has been published in several trade journals. As the current Chair of the Parker Writers Group, Link is dedicated to connecting his fellow writers to education and opportunity.