Because Hollywood needs new ideas. They need scripts, stories, and concepts.

Practice your Pitch. Create relationships with agents. Pitch your script!

Having the chance to pitch and create a relationship with an agent dramatically increases a writer’s chance of being read, getting signed – – and selling their script!

And yet, new authors often don’t have access to agents and editors.

Pitchslams and conferences are the usual way authors escape the query slush pile, but that often involves a big ticket price, and while the learning can be vital to improving our work, sometimes all we really wanted was to pitch the agents in attendance.

But what if you could meet with three, four, or even more agents in just one or two hours.

Ultimate Pitchfest – Hollywood has partnered with agents and editors actively looking for a new material and new clients in every genre field.

In a single day you’ll have access to more agents then you would in a year attending conference and at a fraction of the cost.

Save money. Maximize your exposure. That’s Ultimate Pitchfest – Hollywood.